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Fan community for the f/v Northwestern

Stick and Stay, Make it Pay!

F/V Northwestern
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The maintainer of this community is milissa who at this time is in no way affiliated with the Northwestern and her crew. An e-mail however is pending via the Northwestern's webpage to let Sig, Edgar & Norman know about this community's existence and to invite them to join us here.


The Fishing Vessel (F/V) Northwestern is crab-catcher vessel owned and operated by the Hansen family of Seattle, WA. Sig, Norman and Edgar Hansen are continuing in the family tradition of commercial fishing that started in Norway four generations ago!

The Northwestern operates exclusively in the Bering Sea of Alaska in one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. The vessel was built in 1977 and has been one of the top producing catchers in the crab fleet.

The Northwestern is featured on Discovery Channel's latest series about the trials and tribulations of crab fishing in Alaska called "Deadliest Catch."

-Taken from the Northwestern's offical page.


Fishing jobs in Alaska

Looking for a job on a fishing boat in Alaska? We've been overwhelmed with emails asking us if we're hiring and can't possibly answer all of them so we've put this brief note together.

We have some straight-forward advice for you based on our years of work in Alaska. First of all, most of the crab boats fishing in the Bering Sea have steady crews, meaning these guys have been fishing on the same boat for several years. This is the case with the Northwestern - we only have room for five people and all our positions are full.

The best way to find a fishing job in Alaska is to get yourself up to Alaska with a job at one of the fish processors. The main companies in Dutch Harbor are Icicle, Trident, Westward, Unisea, Peter Pan and Royal Aleutian Seafoods.

If you get a job with one of these companies they usually pay for your airfare from the lower 48 to Alaska. The seafood processors provide you with room and board too. The pay is OK and you get a chance to check out Alaska and meet the boats as they come in. This way, they get to know you personally and you might have a shot at a job if a vessel needs an extra hand.

Thanks for your interest - AND Good Luck!

Sig, Norman and Edgar - Taken from the Northwestern's offical page.